Mobile Growth Automation Through A.I.

Unleash your app's true growth potential. TapReason's artificial intelligence for mobile growth helps mobile apps shorten their viral loop, accelerate their growth and reduce user acquisition costs.

How It Works?


Easily adjust any element in any step of your app's viral loop, in real-time with no coding required.


Get insightful analytics on how your viral loop is performing, what's working and which steps need to be optimized.


Let TapReason's AI autonomously optimize the results for you.

Control Everything

No code writing, test running or app-store reviewing. Rollout changes with just a few clicks.

  • Real-Time Personalization
  • Adjustable UI
  • Supporting multiple social channels
  • In-App messages
  • Content sharing
  • Native look & feel

Measure your Viral Loop

TapReason tracks every interaction inside your app to help you see the bigger picture. Starting from estimating your app's growth potential all the way to tracking how user invites converted to new downloads.

  • Conversion funnels
  • Viral coefficient scoring
  • Growth potential estimations
  • Install attribution
  • Event based analytics
  • Invite tracking
  • App store stats
  • Data export and reporting

Autonomous Optimization

No it's not magic, just years of research and development of artificial intelligence algorithms to drive your app's growth to better results.

  • Automatic triggers
  • Social channel prioritization
  • Hotspot detection
  • Behavior patterns detection
  • Advance user segmentation
  • Experiment Studio

Native Experience

In-App Messaging

Trigger in-app messages when users perform a specific set of actions and get them to promote your app at the perfect moment.

Fully Customizable

We know you care about your app's look & feel, we care too. Therefore, you can adjust every visual element to make the experience feel native.

Multiple Channels

TapReason supports multiple social channels, so we could dynamically determine which channel would be most effective for each user.

Real-Time Personalization

Adjust the experience based on custom triggers, users' profiles or behavioral patterns. Supporting multiple languages and social channels.

Easily Integrated

Integrating TapReason is super simple and can be done in a few minutes with just 5 lines of code.

Minimal Footprint

TapReason's SDK is lightweight, works in the background and requires no additional permissions.

Pricing Plan

Plans we know you'll love.

Basic Plan

Up to 5,000 Monthly Actions 15¢Per Action

  • Powerful AI Engine
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 1-3Team Members
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • 8am-5pm GMT Online Support

Premium Plan

Starting at 5,000 Monthly Actions 10¢Per Action

  • All Basic Features
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Extended Data Retention
  • Data Exports
  • Up to 5Support Calls

Enterprise Plan

 Contact Us

  • All Premium Features
  • API Access
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Custom SLA & Legal Review
  • 24/7Support
  • We love startups. Contact us for our special startup rates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An action counts when TapReason successfully gets a user to share, rate or give feedback.
    The Premium plan offers additional features for apps that interested in getting more than 5,000 actions per month.
    Yes. We offer a free $100 credit, so you could test TapReason with no credit card required.
    If you decide that the platform is not what you were looking for we can refund the last month's bill.
    Email us at [email protected] or call +972-722-700-790 Extension 10.

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